The Minister of Transport and Communications visited Foamrox

“It is very exciting to see how far they have come and not least what kind of potential is envisaged for the future. I am interested in new innovations and new ways of doing things.”

- It is very exciting to see how far they have come and not least what kind of potential is envisaged for the future. I am interested in new innovations and new ways of doing things. Especially if we create jobs and new businesses, then we can build faster, cheaper and better tunnels, Dale emphasises.

- Do you think recycled glass can replace concrete in the future?
- As long as it fulfils the function, which is the most important at the moment. I believe this to be the reason that Nye Veier (New Roads, the governmental organisation for planning, construction, operation and maintenance of highways) is now testing these products and that the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is doing the same in some of the areas, says the Minister of Transport and Communications.

Considering new solutions
- What is needed for this to be a product that is considered on the same basis as concrete?

- This is one of the reasons why we must now explore whether we can organise ourselves with better functionality in the transport sector in the future. We are working hard with this at the moment, such as road norms, manuals and all the things that set the standard for how we construct roads. The experience we gain from projects which we are already working on will also be crucial for whether they will be a part of the solutions that we bring into the future, says Dale.

- Did you already know about this company from Arendal before you came today?
- Yes, that is why I am here today. They are obviously in an early phase, a company which more and more people in the sector are now starting to take note of, explains the Minister of Transport and Communications.

May become a new industrial adventure
Both Parliament Member Åshild Bruun-Gundersen (Progressive Party) and mayor candidate Geir Fredrik Sissener of the Conservative Party in Arendal characterise Foamrox as a potential new industrial adventure.
- I first heard about the company not long ago, but now that I know what they are doing, I believe they have a national dimension. I am very surprised at how amazing these products are. I think they can succeed far beyond their own goals, says Sissener.

- Nye Veier is crucial for innovation, and, as I see it, this has the potential to become a new industrial adventure, says Bruun Gundersen.

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