Recycled glass may replace concrete

Parliamentary Candidate Åshild Bruun-Gundersen from the Progress Party and State Secretary Brage Baklien get acquainted with the difference between concrete and Foamrox.

The goal of the company is that they should always have pre-fabricated materials in stock, and they can hardly wait to start up production.
– When a road construction company orders from us it is not as if they need it the next day, but we will still have something ready to go, says Helgesen.
According to the company, Nye Veier has been very positive about the material and has ordered a sample of the products to be tested in the tunnel near Torsbudalen during the fall. Foamrox has a patent on the product in Norway and is also working on obtaining an international patent.
– I believe the product has huge export potential. Just look at restoration for example. This is something which is expensive. If we manage to halve the timeframe, a lot of money will be saved, says Helgesen.
Their goal is to supply technical rooms completely prefabricated. Right now, the company is working to document the environmental aspect of their products along with SINTEF, an independent research institute. In the road construction industry, there is no requirement for documentation of how environmentally friendly the products are, but Foamrox see it as an advantage to have it anyway.
– The environment is something that only becomes more and more important, says Helgesen.

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