NIRAS has prepared the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for Foamrox

NIRAS has completed the underlying life cycle assessment (LCA) and designed the final EPD document on behalf of Foamrox.

An EPD is a standardised document verified by a third party with information about a product’s environmental performance throughout its entire life cycle. NIRAS has completed the underlying life cycle assessment (LCA) and designed the final EPD document on behalf of Foamrox.

Environmental and climate considerations are becoming increasingly important in the building and construction industry, and increasing demands are being made to the environmental performance of materials and products. It is becoming increasingly common to make demands on the EPD for given materials in competitions and contracts, and in the BREEAM certification scheme, the EPD is a criterion for achieving points in some of the elements. 

- We at Foamrox are very pleased that we now have an environmental declaration in place for our products. We think that it is very positive that clients in the construction sector are also making demands on suppliers to have approved EDPs in place. This means that it will be easier to compare the environmental properties of competing solutions, which in turn will result in us being able to speed up the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in building/maintenance/restoration, also within the construction sector, says Kjell Håkon Helgesen, CEO of Foamrox. 

- Foamrox is a product made from recycled glass with a polyurea membrane which can be used for fire, water and frost protection. The product weighs a tenth of the weight of concrete and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the construction of the transport tunnels, a press release states. 

Nye Veier has tested several products supplied by Foamrox, among other things, for an emergency kiosk in a tunnel, a cross-connection between tunnel channels and a fire barrier behind wall elements in a tunnel.

EDPs are a tool when the greenhouse gas emissions in a building or construction project are to be documented in a greenhouse gas emission budget. NIRAS has prepared greenhouse gas emission budgets for Nye Veier’s projects, and EDPs are an important prerequisite for the climate gas calculations. 

- Nye Veier is very positive that there will be EPDs for products which are environmentally friendly and have a lower greenhouse gas emission. This is what Nye Veier needs in order to be able to achieve the goal of no environmental damage and a reduction in greenhouse gases from construction and road servicing. Nye Veier demands EPDs when selecting materials which have other emission factors than those in the original greenhouse gas budget for the project. The EPDs must follow standard NS-EN ISO 14025:2010, says Mikkel Hedegaard, External Environment Adviser at Nye Veier.