Helgesen from Glasopor to Foamrox

Kjell Håkon Helgesen, who has been employed as CEO of Glasopor and Sirkel (previously Norsk Glassgjenvinning) for the past seven years is now in place as CEO of Foamrox.

Foamrox, previously Tunnel Protection & Development, is a company that has developed a new series of products as an alternative to concrete elements in tunnels, among other things. The products are based on recycled, expanded glass, so-called foam glass, which is surface-treated with a polyurea coating.

Chairman and main shareholder of Foamrox, Rolf Jakobsen, says that he is very pleased to have Kjell Håkon Helgesen on the team. 

– With his extensive industrial experience, internationally as well as in Norway, Helgesen will be a very important addition to our company in the transition from entrepreneurial company to industrial company. This is the start of a new international industrial adventure that was begun here in Sørlandet, says Jakobsen.

Helgesen is a graduate engineer with additional training in administration and economics. He has previously been employed at Leca Norge, where he had positions as sales manager and production director. Helgesen has also worked internationally for many years with coordination of the Leca company both in the Maxit Group and Saint-Gobain Weber.

– I am really looking forward to being a part of developing this highly innovative company. Foamrox products are based on foam glass, which has some very unique properties with, among other things, low weight, good insulation properties and fire resistance. At the same time, the environmental properties are quite unique with very low greenhouse gas emissions during the production phase, while the products are largely based on recycled glass. Foamrox is already being delivered to the tunnel market, and we are seeing increased interest from the construction industry. At the same time, Foamrox technology has great potential in a number of other applications, for example, building, construction and offshore, says Kjell Håkon Helgesen.

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