A Foamrox emergency exit installed in a tunnel on the new E18

The emergency exit has been installed in the Torsbuåsen tunnel in Arendal. Installation took less than four hours.

Three people and a boom lift truck were responsible for the installation of the emergency exit, and the entire process took four hours. The 12.5-meter emergency exit consists of five sections weighing roughly 420 kilograms each.

Sondre Svalastog, responsible for water and frost protection in the contracting group AF Gruppen, boasts about the product.

– The product is very easy to install and has a distinct advantage in terms of HSE during the installation phase, short installation time and time required, and is turnkey ready, so to speak, when the surfaces have been painted. There is little finishing and completion with this product, he says.

Nye Veier states in its message that the construction elements from Foamrox have been carefully reviewed by both the project E18 Tvedestrand - Arendal and AF to ensure that requirements for construction elements are sufficiently safeguarded.

“The products also prove to be competitive in relation to other options, and several of the products have already been commissioned in the project. Nye Veier sees no challenges in the regulation for making use of the solution frames for emergency cabinets, fire barrier, emergency exit tunnels, emergency kiosks. Nye Veier has decided to use current products to a limited extent for testing”, writes the road builder.

“The project also believes that the products are sufficiently documented with regard to external stresses and durability over time. Using cellular glass, which is made from recycled glass, instead of concrete products is beneficial to environmental accounting in general, and it is an improvement with regard to HSE”, concludes Nye Veier in the message.



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