It can make future tunnel protection faster, more reasonable and much simpler.

With support from researchers, the company has developed a material from recycled glass, which is fire resistant and waterproof – and weights barely a tenth of the weight of concrete.

Protects against fire, water and frost

– We have further developed two known materials and combined them into a new product with very special properties, says Rolf Jakobsen, Director and Product Developer in the company.

The two known materials are cellular glass or foam glass – made from recycled glass – and what Jakobsen describes as a strong coating made from a material which is called polyurea.

They have done extensive research and development work and received support from the Agder Regional Research Fund. Now, the properties of the material have been thoroughly documented.

Foamrox is fire-resistant, waterproof and frost-resistant. It is also dimensionally stable; it neither expands nor shrinks when the temperature fluctuates. Shape and size are exactly the same no matter if it is 40 degrees minus or 40 degrees plus.

In addition, the material has an insulation value similar to what is standard in the construction industry. It is resistant to all known pests – and it weighs only 8-10 percent of the weight of concrete.

Read the entire case at https://forskning.no/foamrox