This year's SPIR final will take place during the Renewal conference in Bergen on 25 April.

Foamrox continued in this year's SPIR final! Foamrox is now among 3 participants who will be able to present themselves to the audience and the jury during the Renewal Conference April 25 in Bergen.

Read more about the three companies that went further in the Spir final on Energy and Climate's websites.


Links related to Foamrox's nomination for the SPIR-prize:


Misjon Vestlandet - a podcast from PwC, Interview Foamrox, Kjell Håkon Helgesen and Rolf Jakobsen SPIR finalist 2019 (Norwegian speech), https://soundcloud.com/user-889453098-695484926/foamrox-kjell-hakon-helgesen-og-rolf-jakobsen-spirpris-finalist-2019


Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster, https://www.tunnelcluster.no/nyheter/foamrox-nominert-til-spir-prisen